T250 Capraia

T250 Capraia

It’s not just what you see, it’s how it makes you feel

Small doesn’t mean less. At most, the T 250 Capraia is the smallest of the large Tuccoli fisherman models. It is the demonstration of how an elegant center console of just 7.5 meters can offer all you need to enjoy a weekend at sea without giving up the comfort, elegance and tranquility of having a safe and dry boat. The T 250 Capraia shares the same hull as the T 250 VM, but the deck is designed to fully meet the needs of the most refined cruisers. Retractable cleats, a stern sofa that can be folded down and converted into a sundeck, two electrically-operated backrests in the bow. And then, a toilet room with sink, a double berth below deck and exclusive Besenzoni seats. You’ll soon discover you can’t do without her.

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7,50 mt x 2,54 mt

220 lt

77 lt

0,55 mt

2.500 kg

1-2 engines: 300/250 hp

42/39 kn

All the numbers of T250 Capraia

The central console type, integrated in a hull with fisherman shapes and contents, is the most current one could wish for to have the perfect day cruiser or weekender. In a compact volume, the Tuccoli T 250 Capraia instead reveals unimaginable spaces and finishes. Both with characteristics usually associated with larger and more expensive boats. A cockpit of over four square meters that leaves room for relaxing life, but also for the driving position, one meter wide and 55 centimeters deep. The hard top offers an area of ​​6.3 square meters directly protected and shaded, in addition to three square meters of sundeck. To go all around the boat, the tread is always free and even at the narrowest point it never drops below 23 centimeters. But there’s more …

The T250 Capraia uses its fisherman’s hull to insert inside a central console of habitable interiors that can be enjoyed by a couple. At the bow there is in fact a cabin with a 190 × 200 cm bed; the marine bathroom is 95 centimeters deep and 180 wide. And the height of the interiors reaches 1.85 meters: not bad for a boat that doesn’t even show the deckhouse from the outside …